What Does Psychiatric Treatment Entail?

Psychiatric treatment can never be seen as a short term or once off event. Indeed, professional and clinical psychiatric treatment in brookline, ma could be adhering to a standard set of clinical consultations, say, no more than six sessions perhaps. These would usually be no longer than forty-five minutes of duration. Needless to say that the more serious disorders or illnesses diagnosed would need longer term treatment.

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Indeed, some cases may be so serious that psychiatric consultations could be indefinite. Yes, the afflicted patient could make progress but may have to face the prospect of being under continuous evaluation in order for the psychiatrist to ensure that he or she remains well and is not tilted into a mental imbalance which could cause him or her to return to the mentally unstable condition that was perhaps initially reported.

But in certain cases, it may well be unfortunate that some of these patients would have to be hospitalized. They need to be continuously monitored and there are those who, initially, may have to be heavily sedated. This extreme form of treatment may become necessary to help ensure that the afflicted patient suffers no further mental breakdowns or is in no position to inflict self-harm, or worse, on him or herself.

And yes, there is even that too. They are still doing shock treatments in some areas although it has to be said that these come nowhere near as close to the primitive horror stories you may have already heard once upon a time. Now, no patient can walk into therapy and expect to be treated and cured overnight. It is typical of the clinical psychiatrist to want to take his time. He needs at least half a dozen sessions to make an initial diagnosis perhaps.