The Process Of A Tooth Extraction From Start To Finish

No matter how many times you go in for tooth extraction, the process will always be nerve-wracking. That said, it is especially so when it is your first time. Well, you can trust that you will be in safe hands during an emergency tooth extraction in Stockbridge.

However, if you go into the procedure knowing what to expect, it will further help put your mind at ease. So, let’s consider how exactly an extraction takes place from start to finish.


emergency tooth extraction in Stockbridge

The first step of the extraction procedure begins with x-rays. These X-rays provide valuable insight into the position of each tooth’s roots and the condition of the bone around them. With these, dentists can foretell any complications that may arise in the process of extraction.

Medical History

Another step in the initial stages of extraction is divulging your medical past to your dentist. With this information, the professional can determine whether you are healthy enough for the procedure or not. If you are, they will then discuss your options for anesthesia and set an appointment.


When you show up for the appointment, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the extraction site. If needed, they may also use additional sedatives in the form of oral pills, nitrous oxide gas, or intravenous sedation.

Generally, full sedation is necessary only in case of more challenging extractions. Or the patient may prefer it if they are planning on getting more than one tooth extracted.


The final step is, of course, the extraction. Your dentist will loosen the tendon fibers around your mouth to extract the tooth with a lot of care. He will be careful not to damage the bone around the extraction site.

In case dental implants or orthodontics are to follow, a minuscule amount of lab-processed bone-grafting material goes into the socket. This material helps maintain the bone volume.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the entire process of a tooth extraction! Hopefully, with your new-found knowledge, you’ll be more confident about your dentist appointment.