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Burn Notice tv series

Burn Notice is a TV series in which the viewers will find out about what happens to the secret agents of high class after they cease to be necessary authorities.

Superspy Michael Westen, while performing an important task, finds that he remains without cover. His accounts are blocked and documents are invalid. All people with whom he has been acquainted seem to forget about his existence. It is worth great amount for the main hero to get to Miami, where heĀ meets his former lover – a secret agent Fiona, who tells his mother, a very peculiar personage, of the return of her son. Michael is forced to earn by working as a private detective in order to solve his financial problems. He blows the lid off the swindler, embroils in a scandal involving a local drug dealer, makes a shooting and behaves as befits special agents. All this time our hero is trying to get answers to the questions – who is tailing him, why he is filed away in storage and, more importantly, why he is allowed to survive and what should he expect in the future?